Thursday, June 11, 2015

My JDM war

People say what happened to him, he ain't scared that just his muscle spasm. Never scared of anything, willing to face what is killing him. He may be down, but he always puts back on his crown, high like a drone sitting upon his thrown. He has fought more wars then most generals. Won a war that almost cost him his genitals. No thrills, on pills, no hills, just making lead way on his chair popping wheelies on two wheels. Hits the nitro but is held back from the chemo. Wants to blast by ya but first needs to hit the blood plasma. Damn now it's gotcha...was hoping it would be a boost but nada, falls to his knees and prays to the porcelain god "please no more nausea". Wish the pain would sustain, but the brain is ready to just enter the Astral plane. This is not a tap out, this is a never ending bout, that's about winning without a doubt. I'm a Warrior to the end, will you continue to fight with me JDM warrior friends? #JDMwarriors

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